Dell G3 15 3500 Gaming Laptop Review: Better Upgrades for a Lesser Price – TechPP – TechPP

October 22, 2020 by No Comments

Last year, Dell sent us their G3 gaming laptop for review which ticked almost all the right boxes when it comes to a gaming laptop. However, the only gripe that we had was that the Dell G3 was more expensive than gaming laptops from competing brands with the same or similar specifications. That is mainly because of Dell’s brand value in the market and because they just do a few things better than other brands like the build quality or after-sales support which is important to a lot of people.

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When Dell sent us the updated, newer 2020 version of the G3 gaming laptop, our expectations were very similar to that of last year’s model – solid specifications at a price tag that’s higher than the competition. Having used it now for a couple of weeks, that’s absolutely no change in that statement. The Dell G3 is a reliable performer but one that you will have to spend an extra premium on to get the assurance that one expects with a product from Dell. However, that extra premium seems to have come down a bit compared to last year which is a win-win situation for the end consumer.

We used the Dell G3 15 3500 for the better part of the past two weeks and we will share our perspective about the laptop and whether you should consider it or not.