Laptop Review | Asus TUF A15 – TimesLIVE

October 21, 2020 by No Comments

The next perpetrator is thermal performance, and even for a gaming laptop with a Ryzen CPU things got unbelievably toasty. Idle temps reached 60°C with audible fan noise, and the first few minutes of playing a game would see temperature spikes exceeding 100°C on the CPU and 90°C on the GPU. These would normalise slightly over time, but clocks also fell indicating undesirable down-clocking. My PC builder brain tells me that the honeycomb aesthetic isn’t doing the TUF any favours with all the closed off vents underneath and on the sides. Underwhelming.

Then we come to connectivity, and this one’s more of a mixed bag. You do get ethernet, audio, USB 3.0 including a Type-C port that doubles as DisplayPort 1.4, the ports you expect. You also get – hold on, let me check my notes – a USB 2.0 port? In our lord’s current year of 2020, Asus?! Elsewhere, the webcam and speakers are better than average but nothing special, and the RGB-backlit keyboard features styling similar to the ROG aesthetic if they disabled italics, with a similarly light key-press. Not as underwhelming, but certainly not very impressive either.

One thing that did impress, and was not all underwhelming, however, was the battery life. The TUF A15 idled for a cool nine hours off charge in its silent mode, and managed a decent enough two hours in performance mode before the battery needed a shot of Eskom juice. While I wouldn’t recommend using it for gaming off charge, and